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Blockchain and the Future of Treasury


Great read on how the advent of blockchain will impact corporate treasury departments around the world.

Financial Markets in 2019


Curious about what the financial markets will look like in 2019? Check out this article printed in FinTek News by our very own Chief Strategist, Andy Fately.

The Future of Money


“What is money?”  Sounds like a simple question, but is it?  This article explores how money may be quite different in the very near future.

Nine predictions for ‘19


Our own Chief Strategist, Andy Fately, lays out his 9 predictions for ’19

10 FX Predictions for 2019


Each year James Sinclair, executive chairman and FX veteran, shares his top 10 predictions for foreign exchange. We are most excited about #10. Check it out!

The Challenges of Running a Blockchain Startup for Finance


Ever wonder what it’s like running a fintech blockchain start up? Listen to this podcast with AFP Conversations and our CEO and founder, Maryanne, to find out.